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Candid Creations Publishing

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Integration and improvement of existing client CMS - How did we do it?

Study existing CMS (Joomla) System and existing customisationsDesign content conversion, migration and upgrade strategy from Joomla v1 to v3Planning for future content agregation scenariosMake CMS mo…

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Securing Vulnerabilities

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Addressing a Critical Gap in legacy App identified by vulnerability scan

What was doneProvided timely and correct fix the vulnerabilities and enabled application to operational state within a week*Enhanced code security postureFixed code framework vulnerabilities

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Designing, Building, Enhancing

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How we create solutions for our clients

Starhub: FooDIYMigration and Enhancements of Client’s Consumer value added services Mobile Application and Content Management PlatformIntegrations and Customisations of Ad serving platformAscendas: S…

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The Holy Grail of Business Systems - The Augury of what to come

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In the movie Minority Report, the Police Captain of a specialize crime fighting unit – John Anderton – played by Tom Cruise, maintains public safety by foretelling and preventing crime before it happens.

While this was pure fiction in the year 1956 when the story was conceived, this possibility is becoming very real in today’s age of hyper-connectivity, where anything and everything around human and …

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The rise of social collaboration and the destruction of one

    Meng Choon Tan
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How open communication platforms are increasing the intensity of competition in the business of politics and government.

A 24 year-old male introvert in Colorado, US walk into the local premier of the latest Batman movie – The Dark Knight. Without any rhyme or reason, he went into a shooting spree, firing into the audi…