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July 1, 2020

Mandy Tan


Mandy Tan
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It started as a fun idea to inject a dash of gamification into our mundane office life

As the example sentence showcased by Oxford Languages in their definition for “Gamification” goes - “Gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun”

"Truly a promising idea"

In our case, the idea of achievement badges in particular, seemed like an interesting way to reward our team members on their efforts in the projects undertaken. In a game, players earn badges after diligently fulfilling certain tasks or persisting in the face of a difficult challenge until they reach success, along the way developing their skills for the next quest or adventure.


Parallel to in a game, our team members in the Auguried office strive daily to complete tasks to fulfil the needs of our clients. They meet challenges, and work together to resolve them, sharpening their skills and capability through the journey of each project.

For the team, attaining a tangible token after much persistence and hard work, just like in a game, sounded like a satisfying way to wrap up each project. Additionally, it serves as an icon for the team to celebrate the skills gained from each project to encourage members to look forward to the next project and challenge.


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Introducing - the Hero Badges

The badges, inspired by the shape of police badges, are distinct in each class of badge - Gold, Silver, Bronze and Blue in descending order of value to represent the relative difficulty of projects undertaken and contributions of team members.

Each of the 4 badges features distinct characters, encompassing various values and attitudes that Auguried strives to uphold:

  • Superhero - going out of their way to help others with the powers and ability they possess
  • King - the responsible king who leads as example and serves to meet their people’s (or in our context, our clients’ and their customers’) needs
  • Ninja - diligently and skillfully carrying out missions and tasks that needs to be done, in an as agile and efficient way possible
  • Karate Master - learning, training and improving their skills to tackle the next opponent - the next challenge.

Congratulations to Raelene, Jiaqiang and Pei Xuan for attaining the inaugural Hero Badges!

We hope that everyone will proudly display these Hero Badges - this is a representation of your exceptional efforts to help our clients achieve their visions and goals.

Thank you for your hard work!

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