June 20, 2018

Pula Bot


Pula Bot
Code and data (Lined) Solutions
Boost Sales and be Digital with our eCommerce Solutions. Bring the business to your customers and reach beyond your physical footprint to reach untapped markets. Begin your Digital Transformation with Auguried today!

Internet Store Front Sales

What eCommerce website does not have a sales page? Create Product Catalogues and differentiate product lines with categories or variants. Focus on value added business functions such as collection and delivery, while we integrate functions such as Payment and Shipping methods.

Marketing and Promotions

Increase your Sales with Cross-Selling, Upselling and Recommendations. Learn about your customer's preferences and tap into their interests.

Customer Retention and Relationship

Turn a simple once-off sale into a fulfilling long-term relationship. Create and Monitor Sales leads, pipelines and most importantly closures. Connect to your customers with real-time messaging and notification alerts.

Our experienced staff at Auguried will simplify the task of digitalization for you. With the rapid developments and consumer uptake in technology, businesses big and small need to go digital. Further enhance your digital marketing capabilities with our Campaign Manager.


Featured Client: Finally.sg

Contact us at info@auguried.com for any queries.

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