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April 9, 2020

Raelene Kong


Raelene Kong
Code and data (Lined) Solutions

Are you looking for a something that can...


drive more customer engagement?

effectively promote your services online?

enhance the experience of your existing website?



Grab your customer’s attention
right at the start.

Customers have a limited attention span, and that is why you need to grab them at the start, so that they can hear what you have to offer.


Give them the
services that they need.

Customers want to quickly find what they need in your website. Help them with focused searches and assistive navigation.


Add features to your existing website
with minimum hassle.

Already have an established web presence but need a way to draw attention to your latest products? Add our Dopamine Gizmos into your website and start using the service you require immediately. No hassle, no massive codes!


Get feedback
on what really matters in your website

You have a full fledged service website. You want more insights on how users are seeing your products there. Get feedback in non-disruptive ways with our Gizmos.

How does Dopamine work?




Tags: fintech

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