Operational Dashboards & OLAP Visualisations

Sept. 1, 2015

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Read on to find out how we created the dashboard and visualisations, and what was done.

Identify Predefine SSAS Cubes to be deployed

* Retail Cube

Sales Cube

Inventory Value Cube

Purchase Cube

Sales and Marketing Cube

General Ledger

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Work with Client to Enable 36 BI Reports

Extract and Load data from existing/customised MS AX Cube

Design report based on MS Excel PowerPivot

Enable What-if analysis using standard PowerPivot Slicer and Filter Features

Setup SQL Server Analysis Services

Setup and customise SQL Server Integration Services or Analysis Services Job Steps

Setup MSSQL Server Report Builder and customise PowerPivot

Install/Configure SSIS/SSAS Services for DEV/UAT

Configure AX BI ETL services to enable data transfer from Operational DB to SSAS DB/Cubes to

Import data from Operational MS AX DB into SSAS Cubes to Support Reports


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