Smart Living Hackathon – Talking Computers, Voice-Powered assistants

June 25, 2018

Meng Choon Tan


Meng Choon Tan
Loudspeaker icon (Coloured) Commentary
“Okay Google, Tell me about #PillowTalk”

What a weekend it was at #smartlivinghack

It was a PERFECT opportunity for us to test ourselves in idea generation,  putting together a pitch and getting the pitching engine ready as well as coding the actual demo - given a 24 hours challenge of learning about #GoogleAssistant and the voice market. 

Well done guys ! Yuxi Chew Wayne Loh Tian Seet Yuen

Kudos to #SPH, #Starhub, #OCBC, #Google for organising and pulling off this PERFECT quest to #enable the tech and the student community get their hands dirty on potentials in #voicetech and driving a collaborative industry #innovations.

We are truly appreciative for the opportunity and mentorship guidance given.

Fantastic event ??? Glen Francis Howie H S Lau Felipe Daguila - 费利佩 达吉拉 HongGiep Toh Thank you for having us there!

#OkGoogle, watch out for #PillowTalk ;) ?

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