Raelene Kong

UX Designer & Communications

Hi, I’m Raelene! A people-loving individual who is honest, loyal and understanding.

Unafraid to ask questions that go beyond the surface level of things, and dubbed as the mom-friend by my friends and family, I have always had a heart for listening to people’s stories, understanding what concerns they have and providing them with solutions which impact them on a deeper level.

Discovering the world of user-centric design by chance, my eyes were open to how much of an influence design had over shaping our day-to-day life experiences.
How it spans from a small interaction of being able to locate the snooze button on my phone alarm to being able make a whole banking transaction online.

Being exposed to multiple projects over time, and becoming increasingly aware of the problems around me that had the potential to solved by good design, my combined love for helping people and creating design solutions has grown to what it is today.