The Finer Aesthetics of the Frontend

Aug. 12, 2019

Meng Choon Tan


Meng Choon Tan
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What separates a Good and a Great UX Developer ? - Share it if you like it ?

The process of creating a User Experience (UX) for a simple Web Page, a Mobile App or even a sophisticate full fledged online system often gives us a privileged opportunity to decide what and how to design an interesting interface. Like an artist looking at a blank canvas - there's always a rush of excitement thinking about the boundless possibilities of bringing ideas and suggestions to fruition.

From the privileges of working with many talented designers, developers and stakeholders - I've started to observe that a Successful output of the UX process in most cases depends a lot on -- the trait of People involved! The Creatives gives brilliant ideas and suggestions - but the Builders needs to be able to visualise it in order to make it. To be a brilliant Frontend Developer and to put it all together - you have to be a Leonardo Da Vinci. (NOT)

So here's what I think are the finesse that separates the usual with the exceptional practitioners:


The ability to see from the Others. Most of us only see what we like/dislike and are often blind sided. Creatives are usually most opinionated and like their own points of view. And hence the short comings of not able to see and to Foresee what the average audience is looking for. To see everyone's view - you need to empathise.


Being emotional does not mean making illogical, temperamental or extreme decisions. It's about finding a reason to make the audience connect to the visuals, the content and click the CTA button! Being emotional let you invoke their needs to do it.


The details matter. The devil is in it. We often under-or-over estimate the possibilities of making something happens. It's convenient to assume that some ideas can be done easily. To have the patience to understand the subtle details however - make the possibilities possible.


We often hear that Less is More. It's True. By having too much distracts the main intent, cloud the thoughts and creates the unnecessary implementation overheads . Think about White Space and Focus. More sophistication typically brings about more coordinations and coding logic - leading to performance overheads and extended decision making.


But being less may lead to boundaries. And boredom. And even stagnation. So have the Dare to Try & to Provoke. The immediate reactions may sometimes not be the ideal but Hey ! Stay agile and change. The great craftsman always experiments and try!


Finally my personal fav. It an action, not a character. The trade of UX has many who promote, idealise and even fantasise. But I believe techniques and skills are still King. It's one thing to imagine what to do - it's another to make it happen in code.

So be curious - and also be the coding King.

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